About Us

WaffleStop welcomes you to experience unlimited kinds of chocolates, fresh fruits and ice creams.


WaffleStop introduces its worldwide waffle quality to Turkish consumers. Our first shop was opened in the most popular street in Istanbul.

Wafflestop’s premier business goal is to increase the number of its shops at the attraction centers of big cities within Turkey and then develops its franchising network again within Turkey and within surrounding regions of Turkey.

WaffleStop planning to deploy its minimal, modern design concepts and logo to whole shops. WaffleStop is a modern trade mark relies on customer satisfaction, new technology, innovation and hygiene. With our focus on international trends, developments, concepts and standards we intend to present our best value to customers.

With its innovative waffle cases help eating waffle easily, special presentation and large variety of chocolates WaffleStop is away from competition since the opening of its very first shop in Turkey.

WaffleStop unique waffle mix includes no sugar, no fat. We also provide more than 20 kinds of our own branded chocolate sauces, toppings and waffle machines.


Shops, L-shaped shops and kiosks for malls.
WaffleStop XL cafe concept for street shops bigger than 80 sqm
Minimum space requirement : 20sqm
Ideal space requirement : 30 sqm
Max space requirement : 80 sqm


Our stores

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Our unique waffle mix has no sugar and no fat. Our customers delighted by the choice of toppings we offer, from fresh fruit pieces to different chocolate sauces and confectioneries, they can pick 32 kinds of toppings and create their waffle.
Thanks to our innovative waffle cases, we can serve waffles to go or we can serve them on plates.
• Ice creams
• WaffleStop branded candies
• Fondues
• Pancakes and crêpes
• Fresh fruit juices
• Shakes, lemonades
• Cold beverages
• Hot Drinks